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Join our Basic Breastfeeding Class designed for DONA Certification, where you'll gain essential knowledge and skills to support breastfeeding mothers effectively. This comprehensive course covers everything from initiating lactation to overcoming challenges and providing assistance to mothers of premature infants. Learn about various breastfeeding positions, latch techniques, and effective communication strategies to empower both mothers and their support networks. Additionally, you'll explore the selection and usage of breast pumps, as well as proper storage and handling of breastmilk. Discover alternative feeding methods like cup, spoon, and finger feeding, ensuring comprehensive support for every mother's breastfeeding journey.

Our Goals

Equip Mothers

The course aims to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required for DONA Certification in breastfeeding support.

Provide Guidance

The course aims to provide comprehensive guidance on breastfeeding initiation, overcoming challenges, and alternative feeding methods to effectively support breastfeeding mothers.

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