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Emotional Support

Labor is intense. A doula is there to ease your fears, be present with you, and encourage you through this amazing challenge. She knows that laboring people need someone safe, who brings no judgment to the birth space. Many partners worry that a doula will replace them in the birth space, but a good doula is a partner's right hand woman. They work in tandem to help the laboring person have an amazing birth.


Educational Support

Childbirth education and informative prenatal visits help the doula normalize the birth and postpartum experience for couples. A doula and childbirth educator ensures that you're not walking into labor and breastfeeding blind. You will be well-informed about your options, rights, and resources as parents. A doula does not advocate for her clients with healthcare providers, but instead empowers parents to advocate for themselves.

Hands On Support

Labor is hard work! Parents and babies work in tandem to dance through labor together. But, a lot of times, laboring parents need help! A doula is well-trained in comfort measures, labor positions, and the many variations of labor. Your doula’s "bag of tricks" as well as her experience and training help her make labor as comfortable as possible. "Unmedicated" doesn't mean "totally miserable!" Whether its muscle observation and quiet reminders, or some strong double hip squeezes, your doula will work hard to help you.

What Doesn't a Doula Do?

A doula is not a medical professional. We are not trained to check cervical dilation, diagnose medical conditions, or catch babies!

We are knowledgeable about many variations of labor, common conditions of pregnancy, and routine medical procedures, but we do not make medical recommendations.

We defer to the expertise of your care provider to make those recommendations! However, we are happy to help you know your options and make the best decisions for your family!

Do I Really Need a Doula IF...

It is a common misconception that doulas are only for “crunchy” parents who want an unmedicated birth, but I believe that all families deserve a doula, because all families deserve to feel supported and cared for in their birth decisions. So, whether you want an unmedicated birth, a medicated birth, or are even planning your cesarean birth, you deserve a doula. Doulas are important for caring for the whole family as they welcome new life.

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