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Infant Mortality Maternal Death Prevention Initiative

Welcome to our Infant Mortality Maternal Death Prevention Initiative, where we come together to address the critical issue of maternal and infant mortality, particularly prevalent in Butler County and surrounding counties. We recognize the urgent need to tackle disparities that disproportionately affect non-Hispanic Black women and other marginalized groups. These disparities are compounded by a lack of access to education, social services, and awareness regarding the critical role of doulas in maternal health. Contributing factors such as diabetes, inadequate prenatal care, and barriers prevalent in rural and Appalachian regions further compound the problem. Through strategic interventions and community engagement, we are committed to saving lives and ensuring equitable access to healthcare for all mothers and infants in our region.

Our Goals

Promote Doula Awareness

We strive to increase awareness of doula support, improve access to prenatal care, and collaborate to enhance community engagement in our efforts.

Reduce Mortality Rates

We aim to significantly decrease maternal and infant mortality rates, with a particular focus on marginalized groups like non-Hispanic Black women.

Address Disparities

Our goal is to target racial and ethnic disparities by enhancing access to education, social services, and culturally competent healthcare.

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